Our 40+ employees form an inter­disciplinary team that includes designers, software develop­ers, hardware engineers, A/V media special­ists, educators, and scient­ists.

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Learn more about Jim Spadaccini


Founder, Creative Director

In 1999, Jim Spadaccini founded Ideum, where he is the Creative Director and Founder. He helps direct Ideum’s commercial hardware and software initiatives and provides creative direction for custom software and installation projects.
Jim was the Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored Open Exhibits software and community initiative and a co-PI for the Creating Museum Media for Everyone (CMME) project. In addition, he was co-Chair of the NSF-funded Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education (HCI+ISE) conference. Additionally, Jim was a Principal Investigator on the NASA funded Space Weather Mobile project and co-PI on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored project, Hurricanes and Climate Change.

In addition to his responsibilities at Ideum, Jim is active in the community and volunteers as a board member for the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. Before founding Ideum, Jim was the Director of Interactive Media at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. While at the Exploratorium, his department was responsible for developing educational Web resources and media exhibits for the museum floor. For his work at the Exploratorium, Jim received a Smithsonian Computerworld Award, an Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Award for Innovation, and three consecutive Webby Awards for “Best Science Site.”

Jim taught courses on design and technology at San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) Multimedia Studies Program for seven years starting in the mid-90s, and more recently taught Technology-Enhanced Communication for the Cultural Heritage (TEC-CH) program at the University of Lugano, Switzerland. For more than a decade, he has taught courses on digital media and museums for the Cultural Resource Management Program at University of Victoria, British Columbia. Along with his work in informal education, Jim has consulted with Apple and Adobe and has developed promotional and instructional materials for a number of professional software authoring tools.

Learn more about Becky Hansis-O’Neill


Director of Creative Services

Becky is the Director of Creative Services at Ideum. She received her BS in Psychology and MS in Biological Sciences from Idaho State University. As an undergraduate and graduate student, she conducted research on topics such as behavioral pharmacology, developmental neurobiology, parasite-host interactions, and stable isotope analysis. During that time, Becky discovered a passion for science communication while teaching undergraduate labs in general biology, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology. Before joining Ideum, she worked as the Education Specialist for the Idaho Museum of Natural History, managing educational programs and designing and implementing digital interactive components for public exhibits. She also has a keen interest in employing digital museum specimens for education and outreach using digital interactives, augmented reality, and virtual reality. In her spare-time she enjoys nature photography and bird watching. Her photography has been featured in various publications, websites, signage, and social media for organizations such as: the Smithsonian Insider, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Grand Teton National Park,and The Nature Conservancy.

Learn more about Hugh McDonald


Executive Producer

Hugh is an Executive Producer at Ideum, where he leads experience development projects and coordinates Ideum's user experience research. From 2001 to 2016, he was Project Director, Researcher, and Senior Science Writer at San Francisco’s Exploratorium. He led the museum’s Science of Sharing project, an NSF-funded initiative to develop exhibits that allow visitors to experiment with negotiation and collaborative problem-solving and link those experiences to larger societal issues like climate change, international conflict, and environmental sustainability. He was also Co-Curator of the Osher Gallery, which focuses on cognition, social behavior, and the interplay between science, society, and culture, and served as writer, editor, and content developer on the museum’s Mind, Seeing, and Outdoor exhibitions and the Global Climate Change: Research Explorer website.

Hugh received a BA in psychology from the University of California and a PhD in social psychology from Indiana University, and served on the faculty at Bates College and San Diego State University. He’s keenly interested in developing new ways to study how people use and learn from exhibits and how they interact and communicate about their experiences.

Learn more about Miles Washington


Manager of Media Systems

Miles is Manager of Media Systems at Ideum and has nearly 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Over the course of his career, he has developed or managed projects across a variety of disciplines, including: virtual reality development, interactive exhibit design / development, web design / development and motion graphics design. Miles calls upon this diverse background to effectively evaluate and manage projects from a broad range of perspectives.

Previously, Miles has worked with a wide variety of organizations and companies, including: the Goddard Space Flight Center, Paramount Pictures, Ecko Unltd, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Informal, New England Aquarium, Coca-Cola, HP and Fujitsu.

Learn more about Miranda Due


Project Coordinator

Miranda is a Project Coordinator at Ideum. She is originally from Oklahoma and is a proud member of the Pawnee Nation. Miranda graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Interactive Media and Game Design, she additionally has a degree in International Relations. Miranda has experience working in mobile game development and museum interactive development and has spent time working at the White House Initiative for American Indian and Alaska Native Education focusing on indigenous language education. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Pawnee Nation Museum.

Miranda’s interests are focused on immersive and educational storytelling and she enjoys making games and interactive experiences with Native American narratives in her free time. She can also be found working on independent films, practicing photography and the Irish fiddle, and hanging out at home playing video games.

Learn more about Morgan Barnard


Digital Artist

Morgan Barnard is a digital artist and designer working in the areas of public art, interactive media, immersive installations and live cinema. He creates environments that combine interactivity, data-visualisation and experimental digital techniques. With a background as a director, editor and educator, Morgan brings a broad multidisciplinary skill set to the projects he works on. His work includes the public art lighting project “Tilikum Light” in Portland, Oregon that uses data from the Willamette river to control the color of lights on the Tilikum Crossing bridge and “Sublimare” at the San Diego airport where a dynamic lighting installation is controlled using real-time data from a wave buoy off the coast. His work has been displayed in galleries and installed in urban environments across the US and internationally in New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Canada.

Learn more about Genevieve Brown


Marketing & Community Relations Manager

Genevieve is a Marketing & Community Relations Manager at Ideum. She is a multi-certified professional with 15 years of marketing and partnership management experience in event, education, STEM and nonprofit industries. She is passionate about creating customer-centric strategies to promote awareness, engagement and growth.

A keen learner, she enjoys a challenge (or two!) as well as keeping up with new trends and best practices. Continuously pursuing learning opportunities, this French Canadian transplant spends her spare time in her kitchen experimenting with recipes, visiting local attractions and camping with her family. Genevieve received both her B.A. (Ancient Studies) and graduate diploma (Public Relations) at Université Laval and she serves as VP Programming for the New Mexico chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Creative Services
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Learn more about Kyle Fitzpatrick


Senior Developer

Kyle Fitzpatrick is a Senior Developer at Ideum with an emphasis on UI/UX programming. Kyle has his BS in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. Before working at Ideum, Kyle developed educational games and applications using Flash, Unity, and HTML5. Kyle’s current interests include computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and robotics.

Learn more about Rafael Picco


Art Director

Rafael is an Art Director at Ideum - determined to craft unique user experiences by focusing on clean aesthetics, easy to understand usability, and compelling storytelling through interactive mediums. Beginning his career as a brand designer in Austin, TX he has won numerous awards designing successful brand campaigns for non-profit organizations, health institutions, restaurants, and fortune 500 companies. Not only does he wrangle pixels during the week but also serves as a soldier on weekends in the Air National Guard and is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. In his free time he is a bit of a farmer raising chickens, goats, and cattle in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

Learn more about Darold Ross


Senior Interactive Designer

Darold is a Senior Interactive Designer at Ideum dedicated to creating interactive educational experiences consumed at large scale. Darold focuses on communicating through clean and minimal aesthetics, easy to understand user experiences, and captivating storytelling through interactive technologies. He has created interactive large-scale applications for museums around the world, including the Smithsonian, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, the Kayseri Science Center in Turkey, and more. He received his BFA in graphic design at New Mexico State University. In his spare time he is a dedicated volunteer. As the president of AIGA New Mexico, the state chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, he works to cultivate and enrich a culture of design knowledge and excellence in the New Mexico area through educational outreach and professional events. He is also a member of the board of the University Art Gallery at New Mexico State University.

Learn more about Ben Hanken


Senior Developer

Ben earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University, and subsequently a Ph.D. at UC Davis. He has researched a range of materials, from nuclear fuels to amorphous oxide semiconductors. Aside from his background in physical sciences, however, Ben is also an enthusiastic hobbyist game developer. It is this love of programming user experiences combined with a desire to learn and teach that has brought him to Ideum as a Software Developer in the Creative Services department. Ben also enjoys brewing beer, judging beer (BJCP “Certified” ranked), roasting coffee, hiking, camping, and just generally learning new skills (e.g., guitar).

Learn more about Braxton Collier


Senior Programmer

Braxton is a Senior Programmer at Ideum. He has a BS in physics from Yale University, a PhD in mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MSc in computer science from Imperial College London. During his time in academia he was involved in research in a wide range of topics in physics and math. More recently, he has worked as a software developer focusing on the creation of innovative educational applications for multitouch devices. In his spare time he loves to draw and paint, and is a lifelong lover of museums.

Learn more about Andrew Ferrer


3D Artist / Animator

Andrew is a 3D Artist and Animator at Ideum. Andrew comes to Ideum with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and a strong fine arts background. Andrew has extensive experience working as a 3D artist and on visual effects for television and movies.

Learn more about Ryan Leonski


Multitouch Developer

Ryan Leonski is a Multitouch Developer at Ideum whose focus is creating awesome experiences on large displays. The years before working at Ideum Ryan forged his way as an indie game developer creating games that have too many cats for mobile and PC. Ryan is currently exploring closing the distance between art and it’s audience using techniques derived from his work with game design.

Learn more about Joseph Donovan


Senior Exhibit Designer

Joe is a Senior Exhibit Designer at Ideum specializing in experiential and interactive design. He has designed exhibits and experiences for The Historic New Orleans Collection, the National Air and Space Museum, Mizrahi Developments, and has worked on multiple research and development projects, including "Exploring Pueblo Pottery," winner of a Merit Award from the Society of Experiential Graphic Design. In his spare time, he enjoys music composition and soundtrack production, as well as 3D art and visual effects. Joe has a BA in both Music and English from Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida.

Learn more about Christopher Murphy


Designer Developer II

Christopher Murphy is a Designer and Developer with Ideum, where he aims to create engaging and compelling user experiences. He has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico and subsequently earned a Masters of Architecture from UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning. He has worked as an architectural designer and as a freelance designer and front-end developer. In his free time, Christopher enjoys playing D&D, board games, reading, sipping coffee on the porch, and a myriad of other wonderful things.

Learn more about Nick Schrandt


Senior Developer

Nick is an Senior Developer at Ideum. He graduated from UNM with a Bachelors degree in History and is in the process of pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science. In his free time he is a private piano teacher working from his home studio, focusing mainly in Impressionist classical music. Nick also spends his time volunteering at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department as an adoption counselor and volunteer team mentor.

Learn more about Glass Cartwright


Web Developer

Glass has been doing web development for Ideum for over a decade. He began programming in Basic and Fortran in the 70s, explored martial arts and physical security in the 80s, and investigated the copying and printing industry, early typesetting technologies, and rare book / art restoration and conservation in the 90s. Since the dawn of the new millenium he has been working in web-related technologies.

Glass has studied traditional ontologies and epistemologies as well as world culture for most of his life. He spent time on a marine biology research vessel based out of UT, Port Aransas, studying the effects of the Ixtoc oil spill on sharks, skates, and rays in the Gulf of Mexico. Glass holds a Doctorate (in what? he’s not saying), is a third-wave barista, avid reader, off-the-beaten-path film buff, dual-sport motorcyclist, world-traveler, musician (bass and trumpet), paper-and-pencil RPG game designer, husband of nearly 30 years, and father of three interesting adults.

Learn more about Jiani Chen


HCI Programmer

Jiani is an HCI Programmer at Ideum. She received her MS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico. Jiani has worked on developing Light Stencil and other applications for the Sprout by HP. Jiani strives to create awesome human-computer interaction software.

Learn more about James Romero


Junior Designer / 3D Modeler

James works as a Designer and 3D Modeler at Ideum. He is currently studying Entertainment Design and Film at the University of New Mexico. He has worked on numerous projects in design, motion graphics, game development, and quality assurance for the Lowell Space Observatory, Sullivan Brothers Veteran Museum, New York Racing Association, GestureWorks Gameplay, and others. Outside of the company, James enjoys working as a designer and lead artist for local community projects, animations, and games.

Learn more about José Crespin


Junior Designer

José is a Juior Designer for Ideum. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with an emphasis in Graphic Design, graduating magna cum laude. He has over 6 years experience in graphic design doing freelance work for clients such as the United World College-USA, The Alzheimers Association of New Mexico, New Mexico Association for Museums, small businesses and individuals. In his free time he collects and shoots with vintage and modern day film cameras. He enjoys being in nature and hiking when not behind his computer. Some of his other interests are architecture, cooking, music, cinematography and art.

Learn more about Ally Goodman-Janow


Software Developer

Ally is a software developer for Ideum: this involves testing, giving feedback, and writing applications in QML, C++, and Unity. She has a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Computer Science and a minor in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media. Ally has previously worked as an intern where her focus was on GUI's and 3D graphics simulations, as well as shaders and using OpenGL. Her interests are mainly focused on User Interfaces as well as video game design and she has just recently released her first video game online which she made in one semester. In her free time, Ally likes to play video games (especially the Sims) and hang out with friends and family.

Learn more about Hillary Cleary


Junior Designer

Hillary works as a Junior Designer at Ideum. She graduated in 2017 from UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture with a degree summa cum laude in Design Media Arts. In addition, she also completed a degree in History with a minor in Digital Humanities at UCLA. She is originally from Santa Cruz, California. She is interested in human computer interaction, game development, and exploring the connections between tangibility and digitalism. She hopes to attend graduate school to contemplate these things further in the future.

In her free time, she enjoys backpacking, reading Michael Deforge comics, traveling to strange places, making stop motion video games, and waxing philosophical about the future of AI and the machinic unconscious. She is excited about living in New Mexico and exploring the desert landscape.

Learn more about Alex Averill


Interactive Programmer

Alex is a Software Developer for Ideum. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Alex has previously worked at the University of Texas at Dallas designing and fabricating interactive exhibits used for K-12 Outreach. When not at work Alex can be found woodworking, hiking, or gardening.

Learn more about Camber Arnhart


Illustrator / Developer I

Camber Arnhart is an Interactive Programmer and concept artist/illustrator at Ideum. She is a senior at the University of New Mexico working on completing her BS in Computer Science. Before working at Ideum, Camber has worked on a variety of projects, including developing AR applications on the HoloLens. In addition to programming, Camber has 10+ years of experience in creating digital art. In her free time she loves to paint, draw, and create games.

Learn more about Steven Mayo


Junior Photographer / Videographer

Steven is a Junior Photographer / Videographer at Ideum. He has a BFA in Film Production, with a focus on Cinematography, from the University of New Mexico. For the last two years Steven has been a freelance videographer filming public festivals, music videos, instructional videos, and music events. On his free time, he enjoys making short-films, going to concerts, hiking, and fishing New Mexico’s local streams and rivers.

Media Systems
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Learn more about Bill Pritchard


Creative Technologist

Bill is a Creative Technologist at Ideum, bringing unique interactive experiences to life. Bill attended UConn for both undergraduate and graduate school getting a degree in Physics with minors in Digital Arts and Film Studies. He went on to receive an MFA in Digital Media & Design with a focus on Interactive Media and has worked creating large scale interactive experiences for clients ranging from Boston Children’s Hospital to a pre-visualization for a Broadway play.

Outside of work you’re likely to find Bill traveling, hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, backpacking, photographing, and exploring plenty of other forms of the present participle. Recently he spent 6 months thru-hiking the entire Appalachian Trail which runs roughly 2200 miles from Maine to Georgia and is constantly looking towards continued adventure.

Learn more about Robert Demsey


Media Systems Specialist

Robert works in Ideum’s production studio constructing Platform and Presenter multitouch exhibits. Robert also works in the technical support team aiding clients and Ideum staff alike. Away from Ideum Robert is a student at the University of New Mexico pursuing a Bachelors in mechanical engineering and also creates hand blown glass sculpture and jewelry.

Learn more about Chris Alires


Media Systems Technician

Chris is a Media Systems Technician at Ideum, where he works on the design, production, and fabrication of AV and interactive exhibits. He studied in Washington, D.C. at American University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production with a minor in Mathematics. Chris has worked in event production and technical support at a variety of places, including a university, a public library, a high school, and dozens of theatres and music venues. He even once had the opportunity to work sound on a TV interview with a sitting President. Outside of work, you’re likely to find Chris writing essays on current events, producing electronic hip-hop, or just palling around with his cat, Monkey.

Learn more about Zach Estell


International & Technical Sales Consultant

Zach is an International & Technical Sales Consultant at Ideum, ardently assembling multitouch tables and providing superlative support.
Having learned from his metal-sculpting, fix-anything, father from an early age, Zach has a lifelong passion for building and fixing anything he can get his hands on.
He earned a BA degree in foreign languages as well as a master's degree in business administration from the University of New Mexico while gaining experience in technical writing, support, and business operations with UNM IT.

Outside of work, Zach loves to play soccer, cook, hike, and practice Pilates.
Known as "Zachipedia" by many of his friends, One of Zach's greatest passions is learning new things every day.

Industrial Design
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Learn more about Tom Nasca


Industrial Designer II

Tom is an Industrial Designer with Ideum. He earned a BFA in Photography from SUNY New Paltz, and an MFA in Industrial Design from RIT. Tom has designed furniture, CNC machinery, fitness equipment, hand tools, and an interactive electronic costume for the Albany Symphony Orchestra. Tom also enjoys cycling, and is a lifelong woodworker through making furniture, lighting projects, and acoustic guitars.

Learn more about Stephanie Jolley


Industrial Designer I

Stephanie is an Industrial Designer at Ideum. She helps with design work, detailed drawings, assembly and anywhere else she is needed. She studied in Boone, North Carolina at Appalachian State University earning a bachelor's of Fine and Applied Arts in Industrial Design. She also studied in Kortrijk, Belgium at HOWEST for a semester and used the time to travel around parts of Europe. In her spare time, she enjoys running, listening to music, exploring the world, and reading. Bookstores are often called her weak-spot by friends and family.

Sales & Finance
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Learn more about Angela Arzave


SEC / Director of Finance

Angela Arzave is the Chief Financial Officer for Ideum Inc. She manages Ideum’s finance unit and helps with all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management. Angela assisted in setting up Ideum’s accounting system and her group coordinates domestic and international payments along with logistics for Ideum’s worldwide multitouch hardware sales. Before working in management for Ideum, Angela was a well-known pastry chef at two top restaurants in San Francisco: EOS, and Bacar.

Learn more about Rita Sanchez


Assistant Director of Finance

Rita brings extensive knowledge in the audit and accounting fields where she has worked off and on for the past 25 years. Rita brings experience implementing and managing financial and accounting systems for small privately owned businesses. Rita has extensive experience tracking grant funding, inventory tracking and financial reporting. She started her career as a bank auditor and was eventually promoted to Vice President for a small bank in Espanola, New Mexico. Rita holds a BA degree with honors in Business Administration from New Mexico State University. She has lived in Corrales, New Mexico for the past 12 years with her husband and two children.

Learn more about Jason Martinez


Procurement Specialist

Jason is the Procurement Specialist at Ideum. He is currently completing his Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at the University of New Mexico. Prior to joining Ideum, Jason worked at the UNM Controllers Office. Jason has also worked with other areas of UNM and the City of Albuquerque to create and implement standard practices in Internal Auditing and IT implementation/strategy among organizations. Jason is a native northern New Mexican who enjoys the outdoors and auto-mechanics in his off time from work.

Learn more about Esther Lombardi


Technical Sales Associate II

Esther is a Technical Sales Associate at Ideum. She earned her MA in English from California State University, Sacramento. In her spare time, Esther enjoys hiking, reading and writing.

Learn more about Kimberley Winninger


Technical Sales Associate

Kimberley is a Technical Sales Associate at Ideum. She has an extensive background in sales and customer support in both the technology and hospitality industries. Originally from Chicago she has also lived in Northern and Southern CA and New Mexico. After many successful years in the hospitality industry she is returning to her roots in technology and her favorite place in NM.

In her free time Kimberley is very active in the community and has been a volunteer and supervisor with American Red Cross for 12+ years in Mass Care Feeding/Sheltering and Canteen Services. She was also a volunteer at Monarch School for 8 years where she worked with children affected by homelessness and started a gardening program to teach the children about health, sustainability, and a positive outlet for the children to manage their high-charged emotions. Kimberley also enjoys cooking meals for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House and was a big sister with Big Brother Big Sister. Cooking, gardening, and spending time in nature are a few of her favorite things.

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Learn more about Matthew Gallegos


Hardware Product Manager

Matt works in both the production and prototype shops at Ideum. He is an experienced designer, integrator, and fabricator. His background includes design, fabrication, and sales of high performance fluid control systems, and custom products for use in cleanroom and other critical environments. As a lifelong student of the arts and engineering, his main focus is on design for manufacturing. Away from Ideum, Matt is an avid gamer who enjoys the outdoors, jeeping, and is a vociferous proponent of the reinstatement of Pluto’s rightful planetary status.

Learn more about Finley Overbey


Senior Exhibit Technician

Fin is an exhibit technician at Ideum, carefully assembling the tops for Ideum’s multitouch tables with a desire to ensure that every unit is the best it can be. In fact, you’ll probably get a call from him the day your unit ships and, if you ask, he can tell you the name the team gave the unit during build-out. Fin is a cook, gamer, massage therapist, bassist, biker, but mostly just a heartfelt supporter of mom and pop businesses.

Learn more about David Bayer


Exhibit Technician II

David is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum, where he assembles multi-touch tables. He has an extensive background in IT as well as an associates of applied science. He first got into computers thanks to gaming and later learned programming. After some years working for a small business doing IT he decided to return to school, where he graduated from CNM as an electrical technician.

Learn more about Kaitlin Ha


Exhibit Technician II

Kaitlin is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum. Helping construct multitouch tables she does. She studied in Albuquerque, NM. at University of New Mexico, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Kaitlin's past has been filled with research on infectious diseases to helping her mother build pcs. Teaching at the aquarium and volunteer ESL teacher she does. A passion for teaching and learning she loves. Video games, powerlifting, rugby, walking her dogs, and playing games, these things she does enjoy.

Learn more about Eddie Montoya


Exhibit Technician II

Eddie is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum, where he assembles multi-touch tables. He has an extensive background in IT and Logistics, and helps out wherever he is needed. Growing up in New Mexico he has always had a passion for computers, computer assembly, and anything electronic to take apart, figure out how it works, put it back together again. In his free time, Eddie enjoys gaming, cooking, playing guitar, and reading.

Learn more about Reuben Vinal


Exhibit Technician

Reuben is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum. He holds a BS in Physics from the University of Arizona. His background includes IT, software development, and audio engineering. In his spare time, Reuben enjoys all things music-related, whether playing traditional Irish music on the upright bass or jazz standards on the ukulele, researching the history of space disco, or building his own experimental instruments. He also loves to cook and is dedicated to expanding his knowledge of the world’s regional cuisines.

Learn more about Cougar Barham


Exhibit Technician

Cougar is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum. Since he was 14, Cougar has been designing electronics and lighting systems for traveling shows and New Mexico Tech’s Macey Center. At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cougar maintained servo and fiber-optic systems. He also operated the hydrogen maser distribution system that detects the change from high to low power states of hydrogen molecules to provided the primary frequency for the timing of the interstellar observation antenna array. His hobbies involve building smart homes, micro electronics, pulse-laser rifles, and dancing.

Learn more about Kyle Doering


Exhibit Technician

Kyle is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum. Kyle has always been fascinated by audiovisual media and is known for his focused criticism of television, film, and video games. Kyle has a background in visual arts and holds a BFA from the University of New Mexico. He also has experience working in healthcare IT management and production design for the film industry.

Outside of Ideum, Kyle might be found exploring the Southern Rockies, writing short stories, attempting a new recipe, or learning a new skill.

Learn more about Jack Murray


Exhibit Fabrication Manager

Jack is an Exhibit Fabrication Manager at Ideum, where he manages the Exhibit Fabrication Studio, and assembles and troubleshoots touch tables as well as computer systems. Previously a licensed plumber, Jack is now pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. After work and on weekends, you are likely to find him renovating his house, camping, or reading and learning about whatever new subject has captured his imagination.

Learn more about Chase Ankeny


Exhibit Technician - Wood Focus

Chase is an Exhibit Technician for Ideum. He graduated in 2018 from Cranbrook Academy of Art with an MFA in on object design, and in 2006 from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s of art double majoring in history and philosophy. In the intervening 10 years he walked from Mexico to Canada a number of times, taught yoga, and learned to make an excellent loaf of sourdough bread.

In 2011 Chase attended the Krenov school on the foggy northern coast of California to study the craft of fine woodworking. Since then he has done everything from working in a factory producing thousands of bed frames a year, to slow and careful antique restorations for museums, to running his own studio creating one off pieces of custom furniture. He has a passion for detail and finely made objects.

Learn more about Andrew Kastner


Exhibit Technician

Andrew Kastner is an Exhibit Technician at Ideum working in the fabrication shop. He studied photography and graphic design at the Savannah College of Art and Design and promptly moved out to New Mexico after graduating in 2011. He has previously in worked in radio, web design, and home building. In his free time he enjoys DIY projects, curating GIFs, and Lotaburger.

Learn more about Kyle Jakes


Exhibit Technician Intern

Kyle Jakes is an Exhibit Technician Intern. Kyle comes from Tucson, Arizona where he graduated with a degree in Material Science & Engineering from the University of Arizona. His interests are MMA, drones, video games, and snowboarding.

Learn more about Joshua Uffer


Exhibit Technician Intern

Joshua is an Exhibit Technician Intern for Ideum. He graduated with a BA in Linguistics from the University of New Mexico, where he researched lost musical transcripts and discovered a passion for violin making. He spends his free time learning new instruments, reading science-fiction, and perfecting his hummus recipe.

Learn more about Connor Healey


Exhibit Technician Intern

Connor is an Exhibit Technician intern at Ideum. He is currently working on his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, In his spare time Connor likes to read, draw, and compete for power lifting.


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