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Ideum's creative work includes designing and planning complex AV installations, including video walls, LED tiles, projection mapping, theater projection, LED lighting, digital signage, and more. For more than 17 years, we have worked with museums and other institutions to create meaningful interactive exhibits.

As a dealer and distributor for major AV companies such as Barco, Christie, Crestron, LG, and others, Ideum designs digital experiences from conception to installation.


Please contact us at (505) 792-1110 ext 1 or toll free in the US and Canada (855) 898-6824, use our online inquiry form, or email us at [email protected]. Ideum's creative work includes designing and planning complex AV installations, including video walls, projection mapping, theater projection, lighting, digital signage, and more.

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The Visitor Experience

Our focus has always been on the visitor and how to make the most engaging experiences possible. We’ve worked in museums, retail and sales offices, laboratories, and other public and semi-public spaces in a variety of different capacities for nearly two decades. We are unique among design firms in that we can take on the entire process: from conceptual design to developing custom software and hardware, to working to specify and acquire the best AV hardware solutions, all the way through final installation and operation.

Experimental, Yet Reliable

Our deep expertise, along with our company-wide commitment to research and development, has led us to explore and quickly master new and emerging technologies. Because we deeply understand the design, programming, engineering, and AV aspects of digital exhibit development, we can push the envelope in terms of technology and visitor experience and still create exhibits that perform and are easy to maintain and operate.


We partner with innovative institutions to create leading-edge exhibits. Ideum works with renowned museums, Fortune 500 companies, iconic brands, research institutions, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies.

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About Ideum

Ideum’s Creative Services team designs and develops museum exhibits, custom applications, multiplayer games, and other interactive experiences. We have expertise in visitor research, content development, industrial design, hardware engineering, UX design, software development, and content and media creation.

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