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Beyond Our World

Museum Visitors Steer Ships to New Worlds

Adventure Science Center

A multiplayer game that’s one part science and one part science fiction helps get visitors excited to learn more about the universe. As visitors command their own space ship and attempt to discover an extra-solar planet in the game Beyond O… Continue Reading

NASA Space Weather Viewer (for Mobile)

Free Apps for Viewing the Sun in Real Time

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Ideum authored and received a NASA a grant to extend the tremendously popular web-based Space Weather Media Viewer to the mobile platform. In partnership with Goddard Space Flight Center, Ideum worked to develop iOS and Android versions of … Continue Reading

The American Image

Showcasing the Photography of John Collier Jr.

The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

The American Image is an online exhibit exploring John Collier Jr.’s work during the war years of the 1940’s. The photographs depict day-to-day life in America during World War II. The site serves two purposes. First, it brings the wonderfu… Continue Reading