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Ideum multitouch tables are used for a variety of off-the-shelf PC applications, but many of our clients are looking for custom software. We provide a series of HCI software tools that allow other design firms to author their own multitouch and tangible applicatons. Ideum also uses these same tools to develop our own custom exhibits. Designed with flexible and intuitive interfaces, our software is adaptable for multitouch authoring, tangible user interfaces, and audio accessibility features.


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Tangible Engine

An object recognition framework and authoring tool for creating Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) for Ideum touch tables. Available for purchase with select multitouch tables.

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A multitouch and multiuser authoring SDK for Unity3D and C++. GestureWorks comes bundled with every Ideum touch table and display.

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Audio Accessibility

A gesture-based audio layer providing accessibility for touch tables and interactive displays. Consultation with Ideum’s Creative Services group allows custom implementation for specific contexts.

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