Ideum Tests New Brain Exhibits at Full Scale

Immersive Experiences Will Let Visitors Explore Brain Imagery In Stunning Detail.

Ideum Tests New Brain Exhibits at Full Scale
Ideum Tests New Brain Exhibits at Full Scale

by Hugh McDonald, Executive Producer January 15th, 2019

Ideum has been working with the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium for over a year to develop two innovative interactive experiences that shed light on the most complex structure known to science: the human brain. Both of these immersive exhibits put the structure and physiology of the brain at visitors' fingertips, letting people explore the captivating images and cutting-edge science that reveal the brain's innermost secrets.

Deep Dive into the Brain places visitors in control of a dynamic voyage from the brain's lobes and fissures into its internal structure and finally the microscopic level of synapses and neurotransmitters. The journey takes place on a curved 14' projection wall designed to pull visitors into the stunning 3D imagery designed by project partner Intervoke. Visitors will use a custom Ideum console with a joystick and control panel to initiate their journey and learn about the neurological systems they encounter along the way.

Image of human brain activity projected on concave wall.

The Brain Development Wall uses a 6-display video wall to illuminate the way the brain develops throughout the lifespan. At the left of the wall, visitors explore the brain's early formation in the womb. As they move along the wall, they learn about the factors that affect the brain's growth in childhood and adolescence and the way the brain changes in adulthood and old age. Each stage of life is accompanied by colorful, high-tech imagery from a range of types of scans and visualization techniques.

Visitors stand before Brain Development Wall which uses six displays to illuminate the way the brain develops throughout the lifespan.

These exhibits are just the latest examples of Ideum’s ongoing move into the creation of more immersive experiences utilizing media systems technologies like projection mapping and large-scale video walls. We've been excited by both the technical challenges and the conceptual opportunities we've encountered as these projects have moved from concept to reality. The exhibits will be part of a new exhibition planned to debut at the Science Center in spring 2019.