New 55" and 65" 3M™ Touch Displays & Multitouch Tables—White Paper

Introducing the first-of-their-kind 55- and 65-inch 4K UHD touch wall and touch table displays with 3M™ projected-capacitive multitouch technology.

New 55- and 65-Inch 3M™ Touch Displays & Multitouch Tables—White Paper
New 55- and 65-Inch 3M™ Touch Displays & Multitouch Tables—White Paper

by Jim Spadaccini, Founder & Creative Director April 28th, 2016

Updated: 5/13/19 - Check out our revised White Paper, Large Format Multitouch Displays and Touch Tables.

Ideum’s new 55” and 65” multitouch displays are bezel-free, impervious to interference from light, and support up to 60 simultaneous touch points for natural multiuser interaction. In addition, these multitouch systems employ an ultrafine metal mesh conductor design, which eliminates moiré and sparkle issues that are frequently found in inferior PCAP systems. The ultrafine mesh is just 3 microns wide, creating an invisible touch system that allows users to see all the incredible, vibrant detail that a 4K Ultra HD display can provide.

The 3M PCAP technology employed by Ideum has several advantages over other touch systems. Since it is a conductive surface, only hands (or a stylus, or special conductive materials) can register as touches, and the surface is not affected by lighting conditions. Download the white paper.

Ideum’s 55” and 65” displays are first to the market with UHD 4K resolution and 3M touch technology. Ideum continues to lead the way in quality and durability as both a manufacturer of cutting-edge hardware products, and as a small design shop developing high-end custom installation solutions.

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